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Beer Gut
Beer Gut with Ruler
Beer Gut top opening
Beer Gut Butt

The "Beer Gut" Bag

This unique bag is made from formed, vegetable-tanned leather and is Cuirboullied, or stiffened with wax. The back is also stiffened vegetable-tanned leather, and the flap is a softer leather. The body of the bag is assembled with leather lace. The tabs holding the dees for the shoulder strap to the body and the binding around the lip opening are hand-stitched in place. The bag is held shut by an antler peg, which is attached to the body with braided leather lace.

The "beer gut" bag isn't quite as big as a breadbox, but its getting there. The metal square shown in the picture is 9" by 12" on the long sides. The opening appears smaller than it really is, as it is cut on an angle - a standard CD jewel case is shown for comparison. Ron can reach in and pull out a thick leather wallet, and he has BIG hands.

A Beer Gut bag with an antler peg sells for $125.