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cartridge pouch
interior cartrige pouch

Civil War Cartridge Pouch

This is a replaca of a civil war cartridge pouch.Iit has set of belt loops and a removable shoulder strap. It can be worn either as a shoulder bag, a belt case or using both the belt loops and shoulder strap for extra support. It is made out of harness leather and is entirely hand-stiched.

The cartridge pouch has a envelope pocket under the flap, and the main section has an inner flap with storm tabs on the sides to help keep contents inside and the weather outside. It is not water proof, but it is weather-resistant. The main flap uses a stud closure on the bottom of the bag.

This pouch is aproximatly 6" tall, 7-3/4" wide, and the main section is 1-1/2" thick.

The price of this pouch is $110.00