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Leather colors

Belt Rings dees and buckles

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Belts, Belts, and More Belts

Do you need a belt? We can help!

The first picture shows the four colors of harness and latigo leathers that we always try to keep in stock.

At the top is a golden brown, commonly referred to as London Tan. After that is a red-brown, or Chestnut. The dark brown is Havana, and then that everyday workhorse, black.

The next picture is a selection of belt hardware - although it's a few months old, and now we've added some more...

The first column is engraved stainless-steel hardware, with the black accents in the depressions in the engraving. There are two rings, 2" and 2-3/4" inch in deameter, and a pair of dees, 2" and 3" sizes.

The second column is solid brass hardware, the first buckle is 2", and the others are 3".

The third column is more engraved stainless-steel hardware. The first two are 1" dees, the top one of which matches the hardware in the first column. Then there are 1" and 1-3/4" buckles.

Not shown here are our 1-1/2" plain buckles for everyday or "mundane" belts, and our 2-1/4" buckles popular with kilt-wearers, in brass or nickel finishes.

"Costume" belts are made with a ring on one end, and worn tied. Costume belts are 1" or 1-3/4" wide, with either brass- or nickel-plated rings. We also have some black rings for the larger belts. We also make a trick-braided wide belt, pictures coming soon. The final picture shows the solid brass and stainless steel belt tips we have for our 1" (diamond tip) and 1-3/4" belts (shield shape) belts.

Belt Width

Description Price
1" Costume, plain ring $12.50
1" Costume, engraved 1" dee (any style) $15.00
1" Costume, 2" engraved ring $17.50
1-3/4" Costume, plain ring $25.00
1-3/4" Costume, 2" engraved ring $30.00
1-3/4" Costume, 2-3/4" engraved ring $32.00
2" Costume, braided, plain ring $30.00
2" Costume, braided, 2-3/4" engraved ring $37.00
1" Engraved Buckle (any style) $15.00
1-1/2" "Mundane", plain buckled $30.00
1-3/4" Engraved buckle $32.00
2-1/4" Kilt belt, brass or nickel 2-prong-buckle $35.00
2" Brass buckle, flat circular $30.00
3" Brass buckle, flat circular or fancy $37.50