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Come read our origin story. Find out what we are currently up to at our "Otter Blog" including a list of events we will be attending.

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or call us at: (847) 991-0231.

Why don't we have on-line ordering?

We don't necessarily have the items shown here any more. What you see on this web site is a selection of items that are representative of the things we make. The pouch you see here and like may have already moved on to a new home, but we can make another one like it . . . usually. Leather is a natural material, so there will be variations from one piece to the next. Plus, we generally have multiple types and shades of brown leather on-hand. Therefore, we can't always guarantee we'll have a particular item available in every color.

Except black . . . we've always got black leather, and we try to have at least one of each style pouch and belt on-hand in black.

We also don't have a sophisticated inventory control system. We have a list of finished items ready for sale, but it would be gibberish to anyone but Lon. So you're stuck with communicating with us semi-directly to place your order.

If you encounter problems with the website or the links on the site contact dracos