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Definitions - Brought to You by Otter Necessities

Celtic Knot - An ancient form of artwork that was developed in Scotland and Ireland. Typically it resembles an intricate, braided knot. Sometimes animal bodies and limbs are stylized and extended to form the knotwork.

Cuirboulli - A proces of hardening leather by soaking the leather with heated water and/or wax.

Filigree - The process of removing pieces of leather in order to create a design. A backing layer of leather or other material then shows through.

Harness Leather - A general type of oil-tanned or treated leather that is weather-resistant, commonly used for saddlery and tack.

Inkle Loom - A simple loom for making belts and trim
Inkle Loom

Latigo - A type of Harness Leather, most often used in western-style saddlery. The term is also sometimes used for specific parts of a western saddle made from latigo.

Pig Skin - Pigs are one of the many other animals used to make leather Pig skin has a very fine grain and is strong for its thickness.

Rawhide - Strong, firm untanned hide. In saddlery and tack, rawhide is usually from cattle. Drumheads are often made from rawhide from goats.

Trick Braid - A method of braiding in which it is possible to braid a belt and yet have both ends still fixed together.

Split - A split is the portion of the leather that is cut off to make it thinner.  It is used to make thin leather thicker and add some more strength. A "Spilt" is a misspelling that keeps creeping in on these pages, but we're working on that...

Vegetable-Tanned Leather - A type of leather that has been cured with vegetable tannins. This is the type of leather appropriate for tooling.

SCA - The Society for Creative Anachronisms, a medieval living history organization. Click here to go to the main SCA web site.